Guidance to Succeed


The air here in California is almost always intoxicating.  It’s so sweet and soft.  And it usually smells like trees or someone cooking.  The breeze, which is never too hot, blows all day.  This means that the leaves are continually talking and calling.  They say, “Come outside.  You know you want to take great gulps of this air and forget about anything even remotely like ‘inside.'”

I find myself looking for new ways to experience outside here; new things to do to make sure I get my daily dose of fresh air.  The other evening, I went to a nearby park to play Ultimate Frisbee.  I found the group online and it seemed like they were open to all skill levels.  However, when I showed up, I saw people stretching and jogging to warm up.  And they were throwing the disc pretty convincingly and wearing cleats.  Eek!  It had been about 10 years since I’d played Ultimate in college, but I wanted to give it a shot.

At one point, I was running toward the end-zone trying to shake my defender.  Apparently someone threw the disc my way and the common “UP!” phrase rang out (letting everyone know a long throw had been made and the frisbee was in the air).  Sprinting towards the end of the field, I couldn’t look around very well without slowing down.  So, I started hearing “Right!  Right!” from my team, indicating the disc was thrown to my right.  Too far to the right!  I didn’t make the goal.

But it occurred to me that my team was trying their hardest to guide us towards success!  They could see the path that would lead to a goal.  They knew which way I should run to score.  It made me think, wouldn’t it be nice to have a team behind you?  A team that was shouting the way to success even when you can’t see the way?  Providing loud, verbal cues you can’t ignore or mistrust?

The first month of living halfway across the country has been all about adjustment.  Sometimes I feel very lost.  Which way do I turn to find success here?  I’m trying to rely on a combination of intuition, serendipity, logic, affirmations, prayer, persistence and trial and error.  I suppose this is the best tactic any of us can employ.  However with mixed results, it’s hard to experience that overt guidance during my Ultimate game and not say, “I could use some of that in rest of my life.”

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