I am the Junk Lady from Labyrinth

TheJunkLadyHave you seen “Labyrinth” from the 1980’s?  A Jim Henson movie with a very young Jennifer Connelly and an awkwardly spandexed David Bowie?  Well, it turns out that I am the Junk Lady from that movie.

The Junk Lady carries all of her possessions on her back.  Her only job is to convince the heroine to do the same, so that she will forget her quest.  Toy after toy is loaded on Jennifer Connelly’s back.  “That’s what you were looking for, wasn’t it.”  “Oh look at this little treasure; you love that, don’t you.”

As my husband and I traveled to CA to find housing, I felt my own significance dwindling among the scads of diverse people.  With it, the need for possessions started to seem silly.  So much to see and experience in life and yet we focus on getting things?

And then we started looking at “houses.”  We started small (750 square feet!) and that’s when I realized… I am the Junk Lady.  I could feel the bend in my back from the weight of all of our possessions.  Our couch would not even FIT in that living room.

Practically, we realized we needed more space, for now.  We aren’t ready to join the Tiny House movement just yet.  However, I still want to take the lesson this move is affording us.  I need less stuff!

As a culture, Americans want bigger, better, MORE.  I know I’m not unique in having too much “stuff.”  But I don’t want to be the Junk Lady!  If my life is cluttered with things, my energy weighed down by items, that means less room for the truly valuable experiences in life: creativity, imagination, love, compassion, nature, mindfulness, spirituality, ideas, kindness, altruism, change, enlightenment, etc.

As I blogged earlier, empty spaces allow.  And I want empty spaces to allow me to LISTEN, of course!  What are the needs of the moment?  What is the Universe asking of me?  How can I serve the Earth and humanity with my time here?  How can I be attuned to the will of a greater power and not just my own agenda?

This home-finding trip has reminded me that I want to be a leaf on the wind, blown about by the breath of the Beloved.  I want to be the reed flute, making beautiful music with my life when played by the One.  So, it is with these sentiments in my heart that I return to MN, determined to get rid of stuff.  Determined to create more emptiness.  Determined to be the Junk Lady no more.


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