Disciplines by Rumi

build-something-that-sucksSo, it turns out that moving across the country can be stressful.  The past few weeks have been tough.  All of the uncertainty, doubt and overwhelming amount of “to-do’s” can feel like pure insanity.  As such, I’ve turned to exercise and meditation for stress management.  And even there, I often feel like I come up empty.  This Rumi poem came along to help.  I hope it helps you in your struggles, too.


“Do not expect to be always happy on this way.

You have been caught by a lion, my dear.


The friend dumps plaster on your head.

Think of it as an expensive perfume.


Inside you there is a monster

that must be tied up and whipped.


Watch the man beating the rug.

He is not mad at it.

He wants to loosen the layers of dirt.


Ego accumulations are not loosened

with one swat.  Continual work

is necessary, disciplines.


In dreams, and even awake,

you will hear the beloved screaming at you.


A carpenter saws and chisels a piece of wood,

because he knows how he wants to use it.


Curing a hide, the tanner

rubs in acid and all manner of filth.

This makes a beautiful soft leather.


What does the half-finished hid know?

Every hard thing that happens works on you like that.


Hurry, Shams.  Come back

like the sun comes back.

Every day with new

and powerful secrets.”

~ Rumi

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