Empty Spaces


Four couches.  I had four couches in my small, ranch-style house!  Now, I have one (sigh of relief).  As my husband and I prepare to make a cross-continental move, we are purging junk from every corner of our home.  And it has gotten me thinking about empty spaces.

As every room becomes more bare, it makes me feel better and better.  A tiny guest bedroom that used to house a twin bed, a dresser and a comfy chair, now just contains the chair.  I feel like I can actually use this room now.  It’s not so cluttered and full.  Now, I use the chair to meditate and the extra space to practice my banjo!  Our 2nd living room used to contain 2 large, puffy couches and now contains none.  I recently used the extra space to prepare two canvases for painting.

 “The emptiness is what allows for something to actually evolve in a natural way.” ~ Meredith Monk

Just because normal convention dictates that a 2nd living room contain a couch, we filled it with couches.  Just because a guest bedroom usually has a bed, we filled it with a bed.  How silly!  It’s my house!  I should be the one to dictate what I want to fill it with and how I want it to feel.  Not normal convention.  These empty spaces are actually allowing me to breathe!  To nourish myself creatively and spiritually!  These empty spaces make me feel more free.

“Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it.” ~ Dee Hock

This lesson in de-cluttering has been valuable and I will carry it forward into future homes.  But it has also made me wonder if I can apply this lesson internally, in the mind, as well.  Worry and stress often dominate my thoughts.  And even dreams and ideas elbow their way into the general crowdedness in my brain.  What if empty spaces and silence in the mind leave room for such wonderful things as insight, wisdom, calm, joy, love and even magic?  I sense these wonderful things when I’m quiet and alone.  When I meditate.  And in nature.  These are things I want more of and I think these new empty spaces have taught me how to find them.  Thank you!


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