Concrete Jungle

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.56.01 PM
Today, I listened to my inner voice.

I listened with tentative confidence.  Something new!  It was my first day working at a job downtown.  Actually, it was my first day downtown… alone… ever.  I usually avoid downtown due to the homeless people, the tall buildings, confusing street network and one-ways, crappy parking, overpopulation, and general cost of, well, everything.  In other words, this small town girl avoids the scary big city.

So, it took a LOUD inner voice today to drown out my fears.  Things like, “You’ll be ok.  You’ll figure it out.  You’ll find the parking garage and the office.  If you get lost downtown, that’s ok.”  Because let me tell you, there were a lot of new things to experience.  Did you know that there is elevator etiquette?  Parking garage etiquette?  Fancy business office etiquette?

Somehow, I didn’t get lost.  Or mugged.  And I bumbled my way through the elevator etiquette.  I did fine!  And I actually enjoyed my new experiences.  Thank you, inner voice!  I’m hoping that days like today, compounded, will help me to trust in myself and my inner voice more often.  Facing fears with a confident, soothing inner voice is much more enjoyable than facing them with someone freaking out in there!  Have you listened to you lately?


Painting credit: michael birawer


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